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Monday, September 22, 2008

The Pool Trailer

Indian cinema legend Nana Patekar (SALAAM BOMBAY) and newcomers Venkatesh Chavan and Jhangir Badshah star in this film about a young man trying to make a living in the wealthy hills of Panjim, Goa in India. Daydreaming about one day getting an education, Venkatesh works as a “room boy” in a hotel and sells plastic bags on the side with his young friend, Jhangir, to make ends meet. When he becomes enchanted by a sublime residential pool, Vankatesh gets entangled with the mysterious family that inhabits the home. His relationship with the rich father and his cynical, sophisticated daughter disrupt his fixed ideas and unexpectedly alters his destiny.

Release Date : Sept 2008
Starring : Nana Patekar, Vankatesh Chavan, Ayesha Mohan, Jhangir Badshah
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